Buck Mountain via Buck Creek / 經巴克溪上巴克山

The gorgeous Buck Mountain
The gorgeous Buck Mountain

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The Lowdown on Buck Mountain

Access: Trinity Trailhead 
Round Trip: TBD
Elevation Range: 2800′-8528′
Gear: helmet
GPS Track: available

Buck Creek Trail Approach

Buck Mountain was one of the most gorgeous mountains we’ve climbed this year. The yellow pup and I arrived in the mosquito-infested Trinity in late afternoon. Then we started hiking soon after. I had also been on this trail last September on the way to climbing the Fortress Slam. But this time, we continued on the Buck Creek Trail.

We were in the shade for the first part of the trail. So the temperatures were cooler. But the minute we stepped out into one of the clearings, we started to really feel the heat. Back in the forest, we met two friendly forest rangers doing some maintenance work. They were kind enough to let me snap a photo of them before we went on our merry way.

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Off-Trail Approach to Camp

At 4000′, we left the trail and crossed Buck Creek on a log. The goal was to first get to the base of Mount Cleator’s timbered east ridge. Then from there, we would begin the brushy scramble part of the approach. I managed to locate the climbers trail at 5800′ in a small meadow adorned with a blue tarp. Then we carefully contoured the broad basin to the bottom of Mount Berge’s east ridge.

It took me awhile to locate the ramp that would take us around the buttress. But not before we went up too high and got above the cliffs at first. We then followed the climbers’ trail around the headwall to the bottom of a large talus field. Eventually, we made it to the upper basin at 6800′ after spending some time hopping through rocks. Daylight began to dwindle just as we found a decent camp spot for the night.

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Buck Mountain Climb

Next morning from camp, we travelled east toward Buck Mountain. But the summit wasn’t yet visible until we got to the flat area at 8000′. The broad snowfield to the south of the west ridge came as a surprise. I didn’t expect to see this much snow at this time of the year still. Even though I didn’t pack any snow gear for this trip, we got through this section just fine.

Soon, on the east end of the snowfield, we transitioned onto rocks with no significant issues. Then we began to scramble up to the middle summit. The summit marked by a small cairn was quite cozy. There was just enough room for the two of us.

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Summit Views Plus Outro

We enjoyed an extended stay on top. I read through entries from the summit register and savored the views. Then we proceeded to retrace our steps back down to the camp site. After a power nap in the shade, we then packed up and went back down to Buck Creek Trail. The afternoon hike out to the car went by in the blink of an eye.

See more trip photos here.

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