2014/7/29-30 – Buck Mountain / 巴克山

Hello gorgeous
Hello gorgeous

Photos from this trip can be found here.

One of the most gorgeous mountains we’ve climbed this year. Pup and I arrived in Trinity late afternoon and started hiking on Buck Creek Trail soon after. I had hiked on this trail last September on the way to climbing the two Fortress Slam mountains via Chiwawa River Trail. This time at the trail junction we forked left and stayed on Buck Creek Trail.

At 4,000′ we left the trail and crossed Buck Creek to gain the base of Mount Cleator’s timbered east ridge and started the scramble portion of the approach. We managed to locate the climbers trail at 5,800′ by the open area and proceeded to contour the broad basin to the nose of Mount Berge’s east ridge.

It took some time to finally locate the ramp to get around the buttress, initially we aimed too high and got cliffed out. We follow the climbers trail and rounded out the buttress to the base of a large talus field. Eventually we made it to the upper basin at 6,800′ after spending a while talus hopping. Daylight began to dwindle just as we found a good camp spot for the night.

Next morning we travelled eastward from camp in the direction of Buck Mountain’s summit, which wasn’t yet visible until we got to the flat area at 8,000′. I hadn’t expected to see a large snowfield occupying the area south of the west ridge, so it was a surprise find.

At east end of the snowfield we gracefully transitioned onto rocks with no moat issues and scrambled to the middle summit. The summit marked by a small cairn was quite cozy, with just enough room for the two of us.

We enjoyed a long stay on top, reading through summit register entries and savoring views before retracing our steps back down to camp. A power nap back at camp, then we reversed the approach route back down to Buck Creek Trail and out to the car.

Access: Buck Creek Trail
Gear: helmet


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