2014/8/2-3 – Azurite Peak / 石青峯

Smoky Methow Valley
Smoky Methow Valley

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Finally checked this peak off the list two years after the initial attempt to combine it with Mount Ballard, the next high point to the north on the same long-running ridge. Apart from having the company of three great partners, it was just a really nice and scenic trip.

The original plan was to climb Kimtah and Cosho Peaks on the Ragged Ridge southwest of here, but foul weather forecast made us look for a different option. Weather in the Pasayten Wilderness was surprisingly good this weekend despite forecast indicated otherwise.

Four of us car camped near trailhead the night before to get an early start in the morning. First crux was negotiating recent landslide at the start of the Methow Trail. No way to get around it but to dive right in and hope not to trip and fall. Next came the half hanging wooden bridge virtually on its last legs but still functional.


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