2016/7/30-8/1 – West McMillan Spire / 西麥克米蘭尖塔

Photos from this trip can be found here. After witnessing beauty of the Picket Ranges from Luna Peak earlier this season, I couldn’t wait to get more of it different angle. West McMillan Spire offers the least technical climbing in the Southern Picket lineup. Two friends joined me on this trip after their Northern Picket traverse plan fell through….

2016/6/25-27 – Luna Peak / 露娜峯

Photos from this trip can be found here. Pup and I slept by the trailhead to catch the early water taxi next morning to Big Beaver Campground. Hiking to the campground would have added an additional 14 miles to the trip. Trail was in great conditions, just the occasional down trees we needed to negotiate….

2016/5/7 – Mount Ross II / 羅斯山之二

Photos from this trip can be found here. When mountaineering legend Fred Beckey said to allow a fully day for the ascent, I think he really meant it. Pups and I attempted this four years earlier and turned around when the weather was less than ideal with super low visibility beyond our turnaround point beyond the…

2012/4/14 – Mount Ross / 羅斯山

Photos from this trip can be found here. Just when I thought scrambles couldn’t have gotten any steeper, Mount Ross proved me wrong. Weather got worse as the day progressed, views were nonexistent beyond the flat area where we took a break. Although we had turned around past the radio towers due to time constraints,…