2016/7/30-8/1 – West McMillan Spire / 麥克米蘭西尖塔

Photos from this trip can be found here. After witnessing beauty of the Picket Ranges from Luna Peak earlier this season, I couldn’t wait to get more of it different angle. West McMillan Spire offers the least technical climbing in the Southern Picket lineup. Two friends joined me on this trip after their Northern Picket traverse plan fell through. … More 2016/7/30-8/1 – West McMillan Spire / 麥克米蘭西尖塔

2016/6/4 – Davis Peak (NCNP) / 戴維斯峯 (北喀斯喀特國家公園)

All photos from this trip can be found here. Elevation gain of this climb was insane, 6,000+ feet over 3.5 miles. Once leaving Gorge Creek Falls parking lot, it was nothing but up, up, up. I brought a rope in case we needed to rappel off north side of Point 5872, but that turned out to … More 2016/6/4 – Davis Peak (NCNP) / 戴維斯峯 (北喀斯喀特國家公園)