The difference in the energy between the 12 and two-year-olds was more apparent this year. As the older dog's stamina dipped at the end of the summer, I knew it was time to ease him out of our late-season plans.












*Numbers denote 2021 trips.

About 90% of my goals this year were in the North Cascades. So to stay motivated, I visited the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area every other weekend, where the dogs could join me on the dog-friendly summits.

The logistics were sometimes overwhelming between finding available peaks, dropping off, and picking up the dogs before and after the climb. But the chaos made the times we spent together outside much more rewarding.

North Cascades + Pasayten Wilderness

My outdoor journey began with one beloved Labrador Retriever. Every adventure signifies a precious memory created with my canine companions.

Hiking once a week was never about personal conquests. It was merely an excuse to explore new places in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Later I developed bigger goals by tackling climbing lists.

Mount Rainier (Columbia Crest) from Liberty Cap
Mount Rainier Wilderness

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