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2020 went by in the blink of an eye. It was a rough year for humanity, to put it mildly. But I hope everyone is doing more than okay and can take the time they need for self-care. Not much else has changed life-wise, except we added a new member to our crew. And I continue to get out every week.

Year 10 and Counting

Continuing the weekly adventures

One Hike A Week Circa 2010

I first set the goal to hike once a week in May of 2010. At the time, the impromptu idea seemed unrealistic. But it ended up being one of the few goals in life I’ve been able to maintain. Over the years, I continue to hear questions like, “Do you really hike EVERY week?” Or “Do you ever get tired of hiking?” The short answers–yes, and no.

I met Ms. Jane while working at the wellness center in graduate school. She had been in physical rehab after injuring both legs in a terrible car crash. I asked what motivated her to come to the gym daily. Her answer was simple, “If I get to wake up each morning after my ordeal, then nothing stops me from being here every day.” Her words continue to inspire me to this day.

So yes. If I can get out of bed every morning, then I’m able to hike every week.

The Crew

My favorite climbing partners

Sir Cody

Still Kicking It in the Mountains

Sir Cody turned 11 last December. When he was three months old, a friend who watched him while I went on a weekend trip later described him as “rambunctious.” They never offered to dog sit again, naturally.

But Cody would later channel all that energy into what he enjoys the most outdoors–rolling in the snow. I’ve been fortunate to have his company on many mangy and un-dog-friendly climbs in the Cascades.

Bulger Peaks
wa second hundred highest peaks

But where did the time go? How is he suddenly a decade older? I see him every day. So the gray on his face isn’t so obvious unless I look at his puppy photos.

But here’s to many more climbs together—my friend.

total trips



Bringing Back the Old Trio

Mister Connor joined our lineup at the end of December 2019. Unlike Cooper and Cody, he didn’t have the luxury of waiting six months before he started hiking. In fact, he hit the trail two days after coming home at eight weeks.

Feeling disoriented and lacking natural insulation, Connor spent the next seven weeks in my backpack as my training weight. But he was content hitchhiking than exploring the world around him.

You only live eight weeks once.

So, welcome to the team, my new shadow.

Mister Connor

2020 Goals

Washington State Top 100 and Top 200 Peaks lists

Washington Second Hundred Highest

Yay, done, and done!

By the end of 2019, my third year of pursuing the Washington Top 200 Peaks list, I had thirteen peaks left. I deliberately saved these challenging climbs for last summer. So Cody would only join me on my final two “walk-up” peaks in the fall to finish what we started together.

With Lincoln Peak in May and Liberty Cap in July, I completed the Washington Top 100 Peaks list (400P). Not to be confused with the Washington Bulger List. Later in August, with Mount Fury in the Picket Range, I finished the Washington Top 200 Peaks list (T200).

It’s humbling to be the first known LGBTQ and the first Black and Southeast Asian to complete the T200 list. Plus, #4 finisher to date.

Happy 13th!

Forever my guardian angel. Forever my mountain dog.

A brighter place
beyond the rain

Buddy Coop

Earl Peak in 2009

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