Taylor Mountain II / 泰勒山之二
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Revisiting Bear Terrain on Taylor Mountain / 重訪泰勒山之熊區

Five and a half years had passed since our bear encounter on Taylor Mountain.

2019/1/1 – Granite Mountain XVI / 花崗岩山之十六
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New Year Celebration on Granite Mountain / 花崗岩山新年慶

We welcomed the New Year atop Granite Mountain in the crisp, albeit subfreezing, air.

The beloved
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2018/12/31 – Avalanche Mountain VI / 雪崩山之六

This year I managed to rally two friends to help spice up the typically low-key outing.

2018/12/30 – Devils Mountain / 魔鬼山
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2018/12/30 – Devils Mountain / 魔鬼山

Some refer to Devils Mountain as a “dumpster dive” destination or the backup of a backup plan.

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2018/12/25 – Poo Poo Point III / 普普點之三

Today I took the pup up to Poo Poo Point where he visited for the first time.

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2018/12/22 – Tiger Mountain V (Loop) / 虎山之五 (環線)

I finally discovered the shortcut up to the Powerline Trail behind our neighborhood.

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2018/12/17 – Change Peak IV / 變化峯之四

While researching recent outings, I came upon an alternate approach from Olallie State Park.

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2018/12/15 – Florence Peak + Sweet Peak / 芙蘿倫絲峯+甜美峯

I first took notice of the two peaks while climbing Burnt Mountain across the Carbon River Valley.

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2018/12/8 – Tronsen Head II + Windy Knob / 創森頭之二+多風圓丘

We followed the partly sunny weather forecast to the east of the Cascade crest.

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2018/12/7 – Putrid Petes Peak IV + Web Mountain III / 腐彼特峯之四+韋伯山之三

Pup’s and my first time climbing both high points on the same trip.