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2018/11/24 – Icicle Ridge III / 冰柱脊之三

While waiting for mountain pass conditions to improve, yellow pup and I spent another day out east.

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2018/11/23 – Rooster Comb II + Saddle Rock IV / 公雞冠之二+馬鞍岩之四

After seeing the late arrival of rain in the forecast, I figured we go for a walk in the city.

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2018/11/10 – Toil Peak + Double Toil / 艱苦峯+加倍艱苦峯

It was only a matter of time before we came back to finish singing song of the Three Witches.

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2018/10/20 – Crosby Mountain / 克羅斯比山

Last year our unsuccessful attempt to this mountain had us resort to Bing Peak during the same trip.

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2018/10/6 – Genius / 天賦峯

Last-minute plan change led to tackling possibly the last big mountain of the season.

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2018/9/23 – Big Jim Mountain / 大吉姆山

I first took notice of Big Jim Mountain six years ago from Frigid and Big Lou Mountains via Chatter Creek.

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2018/9/19 – Theseus + Minotaur / 忒修斯+牛頭怪

Seven years had passed since we first set foot in the beautiful lake basin en route to Labyrinth Mountain.

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2018/8/11-12 – North Star Mountain / 北極星山

Pup and I were supposed to climb the mountain same weekend we climbed the Napeequa peaks.

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2018/7/14-15 – Napeequa Slam / 納比夸滿貫

Pup and I hiked the Buck Creek Trail four years ago on the way to climbing Buck Mountain.

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2018/4/29 – Badger Mountain / 獾山

I had originally planned to include this high point when pups and I went out to Breezley Hills a few weeks back.