2017/4/2 – Keystone Point / 拱心石點

Destination looming in the back

Photos from this trip can be found here.

In an effort to pursue weekend sunshine and to avoid another repeat, we set out to the Wenatchee area. Residual snow past North Fork Derby Canyon Road junction had us back out of Plan A to Blag Mountain and resort to Plan B near the estuary of Entiat River. Nonstop northwest wind gusts on trail, worsened with elevation gain.

Trail hugged the rib on steepest portion of the climb from US-97 ALT pullout parking to the saddle between Points 1975 and 2502. Then it gradually tapered off before the “Ut Sit Optimum” signpost. A less prominent hikers trail continued southward through Points 2502, 2620, and 2982 paralleling Moody Canyon.

Following a gradual descent past Point 2982 to the 2680′ saddle east of Keystone Point, we made final push to the summit complemented with a radio tower and solar panels. North slopes covered in light snow, avoidable by staying on the semi rocky ridge crest or to the south.

Great views into Entiat River Valley, Chelan and Entiat Mountains, as well as City of Entiat and the unincorporated community of Orondo alongside Columbia River. No big flowers just yet, but I’d imagine balsamroots be in full bloom in a week or so.

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