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2018/12/8 – Tronsen Head II + Windy Knob / 創森頭之二+多風圓丘

We followed the partly sunny weather forecast to the east of the Cascade crest.

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2018/11/3 – Swakane Peak III / 斯瓦凱恩峯之三

Swakane Peak continued to be one of my favorite rainy day and solitude seeking go-tos.

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2018/10/13-15 – Pyramid Slam + Environs / 金字塔滿貫+周圍地區

Pup and I have been chasing after big mountains nonstop since Memorial Day weekend.

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2018/10/12 – North Craggy Peak / 北崎嶇峯

Like Genius, my effort to include the peak in two other trips was also to no avail.

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2018/7/28-29 – Buckskin Mountain / 柏克金山

I first took notice of the beautifully glaciated Entiat River Valley atop my first of the Washington highest peaks.

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2018/6/30 – Chumstick Mountain / 強史提克山

In preparation for next day’s climb, pup and I headed to this one of our back burner list destinations east of the mountains.

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2018/5/26 – McLeod Mountain + Environs / 麥克勞德山+周圍地區

Officially kicked off my summer peakbagging endeavors on this Memorial Day weekend.

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2018/4/29 – Badger Mountain / 獾山

I had originally planned to include this high point when pups and I went out to Breezley Hills a few weeks back.

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2018/3/20 – Flag Mountain / 國旗山

Today turned out to be the only sunny day in the week’s forecast. On the spur of the moment, pup and I got in this short climb in mid-afternoon.

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2018/1/6 – Tronsen Ridge III / 創森脊之三

Third time visiting this ridge since the first trip in winter of 2013, and so far the best weather out of all three trips.