2017/5/14 – Spencer Peak / 斯賓塞峯

Seeing summit
Seeing summit

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Spencer Peak is just south of Keystone Point separated by Spencer Canyon. It is also to the northeast of Swakane Peak separated by Tenas George Canyon. With so many logging roads around these canyons, I presume it’s possible to hit all three high points in one trip.

I parked on the large grassy area outside the fenced entrance. About one hundred feet up from the fence was an old road, which we took to get inside Tenas George Canyon. At 1,100′ we left the road for Spencer’s south ridge and followed it all the way to the summit. Steepest section went from 1,600′ to 2,200′; we got our first glimpse of the summit at 3,000′.

Best view was on the south, with Columbia River winding through City of Wenatchee. Summit was marked by a microflector, the second one we’ve come across on a trip. First one we ever saw was on Mount Ross above Newhalem, WA.

While en route to the summit, it rained moderately for about 10 minutes. But the minute we got back down onto the old road, it was raining cats and dogs.

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