2017/5/13 – Cape Horn 2241 / 合恩角2241

It's seen better days
Before the rain

Photos from this trip can be found here.

NOTE: Cape Horn above the giant current ripples at West Bar in Eastern Washington.

Cape Horn is located west of Trinidad, Washington across the mighty Columbia River. Down below at the river bend sits the five-mile long, huge current ripples deposited by Ice Age floods called West Bar. The Ice Age Floods Institute web site is a great resource for all things Ice Age Floods.

A sign by the parking area before Whitson Canyon indicated a road closure in two miles. Although just 500 feet beyond the sign by the creek was a road washout, followed by a second wash out at Lone Pine Canyon. We walked parallel to Columbia River, crossed Tarpiscan Creek, and scrambled up northwestern slopes onto the flat-topped high point.

I thought the northernmost pointment (elev. 2141) had the best views to the east and the north. The farther south we walked, the less visible Columbia River was, and it eventually disappeared from sight. Numerous canyons coming off eastern slopes of Wenatchee Mountains formed majority of the views to the west.

Dark clouds were on the edge of the horizon as we made our exit.

Gear : none

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