Cape Horn 2241 by Columbia River / 靠哥倫比亞河的合恩角2241

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Last week, the pups and I went up to Rooster Comb. Then this week, we visited Cape Horn 2241 above the giant current ripples at West Bar. The taller one is up in the Chiwaukum Mountains by Grindstone Mountain.

Cape Horn before the rain
Cape Horn 2241 before the rain

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Cape Horn 2241 at a Glance

Access: Tarpiscan Road
Round Trip: TBD
Elevation Range: 600′-2241′
Gear: none
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

Cape Horn 2241

Cape Horn 2241 is just west of the community of Trinidad, Washington, across the mighty Columbia River. Then down below to the east by the river bend is West Bar. The Ice Age floods had deposited the five-mile-long, massive current ripples millions of years ago.

The Ice Age Floods Institute website is also an excellent resource for all things Ice Age Floods.

Tarpiscan Creek Canyon
Tarpiscan Creek Canyon

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The Road Walk

A sign by the parking area before Whitson Canyon showed road closure in two miles. But just 500′ beyond the signage by the creek was a road washout. Later, we came up to the second washout at Lone Pine Canyon.

We walked south next to the Columbia River. Then we crossed Tarpiscan Creek shortly. In a while, we left the road and climbed up the northwestern slopes. Later we reached the flat-topped high point.

Cliffs above West Bar
Cliffs above West Bar

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Summit Views Plus Outro

I thought the northernmost high point (elev. 2141) had the best river view. But the farther south we walked, the less visible the Columbia River. Then it eventually went out of sight.

Numerous canyons came off the eastern slopes of the Wenatchee Mountains. So they formed the majority of the views to the west. Later, dark clouds congregated on the horizon as we made our exit.

Columbia River bend
Columbia River bend

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