2012/5/5 – Grindstone Mountain / 磨石山

After arriving at the Lennon Mountain trailhead at 9 AM I had a sudden change of heart. The cloudy and drizzling conditions were not enticing enough to get me up the mountain possibly with no views in the end. With no other nearby hiking options, I headed out to Leavenworth instead.

I recently read about Grindstone Mountain in a few trip reports and had also heard about it from a couple of folks who did it last year. I remember taking photos of the mountain atop Bootjack Mountain and Solomon Mountain and just how spectacular it looked. It was hard to find a trip report with wintry shots or shots leading up to the ridge/pass. I relied on the route to the gap photo by EastKing from his 2010 trip report for the right place to descend to the other side.

Not much view beyond the pass and the clouds decided to stay with us the entire time. We had a fun and interesting time looking for the true summit with the clouds rolling in and out. The summit was gusty and a complete whiteout just as expected, but not too terribly cold. I was a little shocked when I found the summit registry, thinking that it would have been buried deep in the snow. No views on top, so we stayed just enough time to get our group photos taken by the summit rocks and to sign the registry before quickly heading back down.

It was a long day for all of us and the dogs were exhausted by the time we got back to the car, after the dark.

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