2016/5/7 – Rooster Comb / 公雞冠

Higher up
City of Wenatchee amid flowers

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Pups and I stayed in Wenatchee after yesterday’s outing to take advantage of another warm, sunny day. I wanted some place low key for them that we hadn’t done before in the Wenatchee foothills.

Our first time up Rooster Comb and it was surprisingly empty. Its next-door neighbor Saddle Rock, on the other hand, was overrun with morning hikers. Several trails and a jeep road wound their way through northern hills, we got on a trail before passing through the second gate. Steep trail hugged the northwest-trending rib, and eventually intersected the jeep road at ~2100′ below the highest point.

High point was an excellent vantage point to get a nice panoramic view of the city as well as Columbia River. We stayed for a while before getting back on the jeep road heading northeastward. Not far past the 1,700 saddle, sighting of a resting snake on the trail and a startled rattlesnake in the shrub immediately changed my mind about going up to the officially marked Rooster Comb at 1,920′.

While hiking back down to the car we bumped into horsewoman Mary, a member of the Appleatchee Riders club, with her beautiful 12-year-old, blue-eyed female horse “Snoop.” Pups finally got an opportunity to scope out a horse closer up. Mary gave me the rundown of private vs public land use in the area. Without resorting to trip reports or someone knowledgeable like her, I’d have a serious hard time figuring out a “legit” hiking spot.

According to Mary, City of Wenatchee is building out an 80-space parking lot on public land for hikers. This explained the construction site south of the gate adjacent to the current privately owned public parking area.

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