2016/8/30 – Troublesome Mountain / 棘手山

Destination left horn
Destination left horn

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Originally I had planned on tagging all three high points along the same ridge by way of Blanca Lake Trailhead. But with a noon start and not realizing Road 63 had been closed off indefinitely, I was happy to settle for just one. Parked the car one mile past junction of 63 and Index-Gelana Road, pup and I proceeded to scramble up the northeast trending gully with a dry stream bed.

To avoid slide alder at 3,400′, I made the mistake of veering too far right of the gully and ended up getting stuck in another alder swatch. Once we made it out of the alder and the tree line, we followed the talus field and exited onto the ridge at around 5,000′. From there, rest of the route was pretty clear and straightforward.

Heading westward on the ridge, I noticed a faint climbers path and followed it to the 4,760′ notch due west of Point 4800. Then we descended north of the ridge just low enough to get around the nose of buttresses coming off of Troublesome’s southeast ridge before ascending northwestward. Final scramble we went directly up the east face, but later found out on the descent that south ridge would have been a better choice to summit.

Pup and I retraced our tracks on the descent, made it to the lower talus field at 2,400′ just after dark and proceeded to scramble down the sandy slopes back to the car.

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