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2018/11/10 – Toil Peak + Double Toil / 艱苦峯+加倍艱苦峯

It was only a matter of time before we came back to finish singing song of the Three Witches.

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2018/10/20 – Crosby Mountain / 克羅斯比山

Last year our unsuccessful attempt to this mountain had us resort to Bing Peak during the same trip.

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2018/9/15 – Duchess of Kent / 肯特公爵夫人

Last September we had a good run up to the very last weekend before weather conditions worsened.

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2018/8/4-6 – Mount Terror / 驚駭山

Getting to base camp with good route finding skills, one can certainly enjoy the views abound without ever leaving camp.

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2018/7/28-29 – Buckskin Mountain / 柏克金山

I first took notice of the beautifully glaciated Entiat River Valley atop my first of the Washington highest peaks.

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2018/6/2-3 – Holliway Mountain / 霍利威山

We accessed this tucked away high point by using the same initial approach for Mount Hardy.

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2018/5/29 – Sheep Mountain / 綿羊山

Judging from the route descriptions I read online, this looked to be another trip full of type 2 fun.

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2018/3/10 – Melted Mountain / 融化山

With the heightened avalanche danger in the Cascades this weekend, pup and I sought out places with minimal open terrain and settled on this woodsy mountain.

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2018/2/10 – The Pulpit / 講道壇

After three consecutive weekend visits to Eastern Washington due to incessant rainfall, we finally got our first sunny outing and a new high point.

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2017/12/9 – Sorcery Mountain / 巫術山

Thanks to a recent report from NorthBen of this place I had wanted to visit but uncertain of the road conditions and accessibility this time of the year.