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2016/7/27 – Mount Pugh III / 普山之三

Third time going up this mountain and this time I went with a human.

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2016/7/23-24 – Lynch Peak + Dip Top Peak / 林奇峯+斜頂峯

Instead of a redo on Mount Daniel this season, pup and I visited Lynch and Dip Top Peaks on the north side of the mountain.

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2016/7/20 – Mount Thomson / 湯姆森山

After waiting a couple of summers I finally got the opportunity to go revisit the mountain.

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2016/7/16 – Frenchman Coulee V / 法蘭區深谷之五

Photos from this trip can be found here. Our original plan was foiled when weather didn’t look too promising around Stevens…

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2016/7/14 – Axis Peak / 軸線峯

The peak marks the highest point on the elongated ridge between Eightmile Lake and Lake Stuart.

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2016/7/10 – Moses Coulee Preserve / 摩西深谷保護區

I remember driving on Highway 2 and seeing the opening of this part of Moses Coulee on our way home.

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2016/7/6 – Cashmere Mountain II / 羊絨山之二

Cashmere marked the end of my five-year-long pursuit of the 100 highest peak of Washington.

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2016/7/2-4 – Chelan Slam / 奇蘭滿貫

Over the last few years it had become somewhat of a tradition to do a bigger trip over Fourth of July weekend.