2016/7/14 – Axis Peak / 軸線峯

Lake Stuart Basin with Argonaut Peak, Sherpa Peak, and Mount Stuart in the background
Lake Stuart Basin with Argonaut Peak, Sherpa Peak, and Mount Stuart

Photos from this trip can be found here.

The peak marks the highest point on the elongated ridge between Eightmile Lake to the north and Lake Stuart on the south. My first time hiking to Lake Stuart area.

Even for a summer weekday, Lake Stuart Trailhead parking area was over half empty. Shared first part of the trail to the T junction with a big group of kids heading up to Colchuck Lake, rest of the hike to Lake Stuart was nice and quiet.

The route was straightforward after reaching the lake. Boulder field mentioned in trip reports was on the right just after getting first full view of the lake. I boulder hopped for the first 600 feet until the boulders transitioned into heather, then heather plus scree, then scree. After getting to the gully full of loose rocks, I stayed to the right to avoid potential rockfalls and for easier traverse on smaller rocks.

Shrubs at top of the gully were spaced out far enough to allow for weaving my way around on smaller rocks and to avoid bushwhacking. Last 100 feet from top of the shrubs all the way to summit was sandy, and I took advantage of half buried rocks to avoid sliding backward with each step.

This was the closest I’ve seen Stuart Range from the north, much more imposing and it dominated the entire south view. View to the north were primarily taken over by Jack Ridge, Eightmile Mountain, and Cashmere Mountain. Three Queens, Chimney Rock, Mountain Daniel made up views to the far west.

The ascent was faster than I had anticipated and I spent two hours at the top before heading down.

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