Sasse Mountain on Sasse Ridge / 薩斯脊上的薩斯山

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We were back in the Cascades after a short hike in the Puget Sound area yesterday. Sasse Mountain has been on the back burner quite some time. I have put it off because of the limited views on a woodsy summit. But the nearby peaks we have been on all had near to panoramic views.

On north ridge
Sasse Mountain north ridge

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Sasse Mountain at a Glance

Access: NF-128
Round Trip: TBD
Elevation Range: 2300′-5730′
Gear: snowshoes
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

Salmon La Sac

It was our first time here since last fall. Back then, we went up to the three peaks of French Cabin Mountain. I also drove here in early December. But then I turned the car around because of the bad weather. So we opted for the promising weather on Horse Lake Mountain.

Today’s late morning start meant we had to deal with wet snow later in the day. It also didn’t help when I had forgotten to bring the gaiters.

No signs of Sasse Mountain summit
No signs of Sasse Mountain summit

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Getting up to Road 128

I couldn’t drive on Road 128 because of snow berms. So I parked just off the road north of Howson Creek. Then we scrambled east through the light brush and down trees. Later, we made it up to the road at 2840′. Then we shortcut through the next hairpin turn to 3000′.

Later, I put on snowshoes at 3100′. But to reduce the amount of road walk, we hiked past the hairpin turn at 3400′. Then we took the spur road and continued north at the junction. Right before reaching the road’s end, we went uphill. Then we came out by the next hairpin turn at 3900′.

Hex Mountain
Hex Mountain

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Sasse Mountain North Ridge

We went up to the 4440′ road bend. When Road 128 ended at 4800′, we continued on Little Salmon La Sac Trail (#1325). At 5000′, we moved east and crossed basin and went up on the north saddle at 5500′. Then from there, we walked up the ridgeline to the forested summit. It was bluebird weather in the afternoon.

The Stuart Range was visible from behind Jolly Mountain. To the northwest, I could see Chimney Rock, Big Chief, Bears Breast, Mount Daniel, and Moun Hinman through trees. But only half of Mount Rainier was visible. Not So Sasse Peak was just west of the connecting ridge. But I couldn’t get a decent photo of it through trees.

Little Salmon La Sac Creek Basin panoramic view
Little Salmon La Sac Creek Basin panoramic view

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We enjoyed an extended stay. Then we followed our tracks to go down the mountain. Later, we plunge-stepped through the soft afternoon snow. No gaiters meant having to deal with wet socks and boots back at the car.

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