Howson Peak by Sasse Mountain on Sasse Ridge in Teanaway / 豪森峯

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Howson Peak on Sasse Ridge sits halfway between Sasse Mountain and Hex Mountain. Like Not So Sasse Peak, Salmon La Sac gives the quickest way to this high point during the snowpack season. 

Summit dogs on Howson Peak
Summit dogs on Howson Peak

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Howson Peak at a Glance

Access: Howson Creek Trail
Round Trip: TBD
Elevation Range: 2280′-5440′
Gear: microspikes
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

Howson Creek Trail

I first came across Howson Peak while researching Sasse Mountain. After waiting for weeks, we finally had a decent weather window to visit the peak. We spent the day out east yesterday, then came back to the Cascades in beautiful weather.

Glad that the snow stayed firm in the warm weather since the pups and I didn’t start until noon. But I was happy to see that some groups had been here recently to take route-finding off our plate. But I carried snowshoes just in case.

The trailside attraction of Red Mountain
The trailside attraction of Red Mountain

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Howson Peak Northwest Ridge

The days-old snowshoe tracks went straight up the northwest ridge to Point 5159. The peak was an excellent vantage point to see Cle Elum Lake and the river valley. Mount Rainier would’ve also been visible if it weren’t for the clouds.

Soon, we moved east to finish the final .75-mile traverse on mild terrain. Despite soft snow, I could still stay afloat and not need snowshoes. But I used microspikes for traction during the entire trip, which was very helpful.

The final stretch on Howson Peak
The final stretch on Howson Peak

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Howson Peak Summit Plus Outro

By the time we reached the top, clouds in the area had mostly cleared. But it was so windy that we stayed west of the crest during our visit. Meanwhile, I waited for the clouds to shift to take photos of the mountains in Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

The views up and down the Cle Elum Lake Valley with the sunset light were incredible.

Bears Breast Mountain
Bears Breast Mountain

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  1. Michael Howson

    Haven’t made the hike myself, just went to the the Howson Cr. sign at Cle Elum Lake. Named after Thomas C. Howson, my great great grandfather.
    Michael L. Howson

    1. onehikeaweek

      That’s quite the history there, Michael! Thanks for sharing.

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