2016/4/15 – Humility Hill / 謙虛山丘

Hills are alive

All photos from this trip can be found here.

Weather this morning was less than desirable while scoping out the original plan Philadelphia Mountain. As I was driving the area, all the mountains was still drenched in clouds and were not visible, so I continued to on Highway 2 to plan B.

A month earlier the road to start of this scramble was mostly covered in slush. In fear of getting stuck without a shovel, pups and I then went on to Chopper Peak in Wenatchee instead. Amazing what different a month made with the rise in recent temperatures, now the road was completely free of snow. I parked the car about half a mile before the junction of Derby Canyon Road and NF125 at the foot of Humility’s southwest ridge.

Initial 500 feet of the scramble was probably the steepest, followed by moderate incline to crest of the ridge. We crossed the road three times on this scramble, with the last crossing at 3400′. One could certainly follow the road to just below 3800′ on the left of the ridge crest and attain the ridge crest that way. But that would mean adding more distance, but more time on the road to enjoy views toward The Enchantments I suppose.

Moderate terrain from 3600′ to 4000’, then the last 400′ to summit it gradually steepened but not by much. Summit was somewhat windy during our stay but mostly sunny. Clouds were mostly congregating around Icicle Ridge, The Enchantments, and the western skyline. Clouds in the northwest eventually dissipated, so mountains like Fortress, Chiwawa, and Buck became visible for a good while.

On the way out we dropped down on the north ridge, got onto northwest ridge, and then hit the southwest rib to connect up with the road at the 2950′ switchback to hike out. I hadn’t seen as many balsamroots as I did on this particular scramble, and they were virtually everywhere on the hills. Definitely the star attraction of the day!

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