2016/3/12 – Chopper Peak II / 劈刀峯之二

En route to Chopper Peak
En route to Chopper Peak

All photos from this trip can be found here.

New rules had been implemented since my fist visit in June 2013. A new sign posted at the dead end road where I had previously parked indicating the permanent relocation of trailhead to Castle Rock. Dogs were also no longer allowed beyond the trailhead sign.

Sine I had the pups with me, I needed a different strategy. With a super late start of 2:30 PM and not a backup plan, I came up with another possible idea. So I started driving down Number 2 Canyon and looked for signs and/or fences marking private property but didn’t see any beyond the first mile. A pullout parking at mile 2.5 across was a good spot to go up the south-trending rib to gain the main ridge that ran across top of the canyon.

Pups and I followed the ridge easterly and eventually reached our destination. This was a great vantage point to see the entire City of Wenatchee as well as the Columbia River.

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