2016/3/10 – Selah Butte II / 細拉孤峯之二

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Yakima River Canyon
Yakima River Canyon

All photos from this trip can be found here.

The road from turnoff at the Canyon Road was in good conditions until after going through the residential area. It was just as rough as I remembered from our first visit three years earlier. Road conditions worsened after entering the gate, and I was driving under 5mph and navigating through protruding rocks. Tire grooves were in the road but it was uneven and hard to stay in them.

After parking the car by the last bend (2800′) below the radio towers, the pups and I proceeded to scramble northerly. We more or less followed our previous track, but this time stayed far away from the canyon rim almost to the east slopes as the wind up top really gusty.

We stopped at the viewpoint at 2600′ directly East of Roza Dam and spent the rest of our time there before returning to the car. Next time we might go even farther north and drop another 400′ to the viewpoint at 2200′ for a different perspective.

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