Natapoc Mountain by Nason Ridge / 靠納森脊的納塔帕克山

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The pups and I spent the night in Wenatchee after yesterday’s trip. Then this morning, we went up to Natapoc Mountain on the way home. The road was partly clear. So I parked the car before the snow just past the last house on the left.

Natapoc Mountain behind the powerline
Natapoc Mountain behind the powerline

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Natapoc Mountain at a Glance

Access: NF-810
Round Trip: 6.5 miles
Elevation Range: 2080′-4210′
Gear: microspikes, snowshoes
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

Road 810

The snow on the road was firm. So microspikes made going through the first mile more efficient. After we came up to the clearcut, we then got on the west slopes. So we could bypass two miles of road walk. Later, we went up to the upper roadway before the second switchback.

Full snow at 3100′. But it was still mostly firm until the upper clearcut at 3200′. Once on the north ridge, we followed old boot trails up to 3500′ in the forest. Shortly, the tracks dwindled, and the snow slowly softened. Then I switched to snowshoes and used them to go up to the top.

Woodsy ridgeline
Woodsy ridgeline

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Natapoc Mountain on Natapoc Ridge

Point 4204 on Natapoc Ridge had no views because of the trees. After making another half a mile ridge walk to the summit, it was still woodsy there. How disappointing! We roamed around the top for a bit. Then we went down about 20′ on the southeast slopes to a small clearing. So I could see Big Jim Mountain.

Later, we went around to the west slopes and came out to a broader clearing below the summit. There we could see the taller mountains by Icicle Ridge. There were also views out to the Glacier Peak Wilderness mountains.

Natapoc Mountain behind the powerline
Big Jim Mountain through trees

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The weather grew warmer later in the day. On the way down, the snow had become slushy. Glad for snowshoes for an otherwise painful exit!

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