2016/3/26 – Natapoc Mountain / 納塔帕克山

Photos from this trip can be found here.

After spending the night in Wenatchee, the pups and I went up this mountain on the way home. The road was partially plowed so I parked the vehicle at end of the plowed section just past the last house on the left side.

Firm snow and microspikes made the first mile on the road go by fast. After reaching the clear-cut, we hopped on the west slopes to bypass possibly another two miles of road walk, and reached the road again before the second switchback. Full snow coverage at 3100′ but it stayed mostly firm until the clear cut at 3200′. I followed the old boot tracks from the clear cut to about 3500′ in the forest where the tracks disappeared and the snow got softer. There I switched to snowshoes and used them all the way to the top.

Natapoc Ridge at Point 4204 had zero views as trees were all around it. After making another half a mile ridge walk to the summit, it was still woodsy and rather disappointing. We roamed around the top and went down the southeast ridge by about 20 feet where there was a small clearing to get a good look at Big Jim Mountain. We slowly moved westward and reached a much larger clearing about 20 feet down west of the summit. There we could see all the major mountains in the Icicle Ridge area as well as the Glacier Peak Wilderness mountains.

Weather got progressively warmer as the day went on. On the way down the snow had already turned into slush, would have been painful to get through without snowshoes for sure!

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