2013/3/31 – Tumwater Mountain / 敦瓦特山

Kodak moment on Tumwater Mountain

Photos from this trip can be found here.

The mountain tends gets overlooked due to its shorter stature compared with the neighboring Icicle Ridge. I had stared at it from downtown Leavenworth enough times that I’d forgotten about it being there.

Upon entering the gate, pups and I headed straight up the slopes after the first road bend and attained the ridge. From the ridge, it was an easy northbound traverse to the woodsy summit. East of the summit had the least amount of trees.

To see mountains north of here, we continued northbound until we finally reached a clearing. Unfortunately, the long-running Icicle Ridge had obstructed views to the southwest. The top of Big Lou Mountain and Big Jim Mountain to the west could still be seen.

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