2016/3/25 – Burch Mountain North / 伯奇山北峯

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Destination upper left

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Having gone up south peak four years ago, this time pups and I came back for the north peak. I parked the vehicle at the bottom of the east-trending slope about one mile north of the Swakane Canyon Road and NF-5215 junction.

After carefully crossing the narrow but muddy stream coming down the valley, we picked up the steep slope and first worked our way up to Point 4329. Intermittent snow and steeper section started at 3000′, then snowshoes at 4000′ all the way to the summit. We connected with the service road on top of the ridge at 4700′ and walked one mile north to reach the summit.

The weather toward the The Enchantments finally worked in our favor, and for the first time all the peaks in that area were visible. Views to the north were obstructed by summit trees, but possible to walk down a few feet on north slopes to get a glimpse of Big Bend Peak. East rim of summit block had short cliffs with cornices on top, and just a few feet down northeast side of the summit was a patch of dry spot to set our stuff down. It was also a perfect spot to enjoy views into the canyon.

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