Scatter Peaks by Solomon Mountain / 靠索羅門山的零散峯

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I did some research on Scatter Peaks, and it looked doable for the yellow pup. Then I realized that we haven’t been in the area for a while. It was a nice change of scenery from last week.

Scatter Peaks and my partner in climb
Scatter Peaks and my partner in climb

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Scatter Peaks at a Glance

Access: Road 4330-170
Round Trip: 6 miles
Elevation Range: 4060′-7031′
Gear: helmet, snowshoes
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

Salmon La Sac

It’s been over a year since we visited Salmon La Sac. So it was time to make a cameo. Someone mentioned at the beginning of the year that the forest service had regraded the Cle Elum Valley Road. So I looked forward to a smoother drive.

But as I drive past Salmon La Sac Campground, I started questioning things. Not sure what people meant by “regrading.” The road hasn’t changed a bit. It was still in the same terrible shape as the last time.

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Road 4330-170

I had also read about the terrible conditions of Road 160. So, indeed it was. Not to mention the bumpiness of the first mile leading to Fortune Creek. But it wouldn’t have been suitable for low-clearance vehicles.

Then after the initial mile, the conditions improved greatly. It was also much less bumpy. The big rocks off to the side of the roadway looked like they had come off the scree slopes. Later I parked just past the open gate.

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North Fork Fortune Creek Trail

We walked Road 302 for .7 mile. Then we took the Fortune Creek Trail at the first junction. The initial part of the trail was steep. But later, it flattered before we crossed Fortune Creek. Then in another .2 mile, we went up the slightly brushy terrain into the basin.

Snow appeared at 5300′. It was right after we went past the talus field. Soon, we found ourselves stepping through the snow at 5500′. So I put on my snowshoes there, and we continued.

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The Final Stretch

Later, snow firmed up a bit as went up to the southeast ridge. So we could reach the saddle south of the summit block. But instead of going directly up to the summit, we dropped 50′ onto the eastern slopes.

Soon, we made our way up through the east face to reach the top. The summit was dry. But off to the side looked like the start of a moat. So the snow would peel off the rocks at any time.

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Scatter Peaks Summit

The scenery on this peak was superb, as the nearby high points. The day was warm. So the wind provided the much-needed relief from the heat. Our close-up views consisted of Solomon Mountain and Harding Mountain.

To come off the top, I decided to go down the west side. So we could make sure of the soft snow and plunge step. I avoided coming up from that side earlier because it looked much steeper from below.

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Yet another beautiful day in the backcountry!

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