Greenway Mountain by Change Peak / 靠變化峯的格林威山

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Perching on the Cedar River Watershed boundary, Greenway Mountain overlooks the vast Chester Morse Lake. While most people would flock to other nearby hot spots, this mountain’s obscurity makes it worth visiting.

Greenway Mountain's final stretch
Greenway Mountain’s final stretch

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Greenway Mountain at a Glance

Access: Hall Creek Trailhead
Round Trip: 8.7 miles
Elevation Range: 1240′-4440′
Gear: microspikes, snowshoes
Route Info: Joanne Najdzin
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

A New Way to Greenway Mountain

It was our third visit to Greenway Mountain in eight years. The times before, we would start from Mount Washington Trailhead. Then we would go up the basin between Mountain Washington and Change Peak.

Though, this time, we took the excellent Zig Zag Trail via Hall Creek Trailhead. It’s a path I didn’t know existed until this trip! Say what?! But it’s refreshing to take a new route on a simple outing like this one.

First light on Teneriffe
First light on Teneriffe

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Zig Zag Trail

We hiked under half a mile on Hall Creek Trail up to the Hall Creek Trestle. It’s part of the Palouse to Cascades Trail. Then at the fork, the Zig Zag Trail went straight up the slope. As the name implies, the path made lots of switchbacks.

The lower part of the route was mostly dry. Soon, views expanded halfway up the trail. Then snow patches showed up right before the end of the path. Such places like Mount Si and Mailbox Peak were all visible.

Change Peak in the AM"
Change Peak in the AM”

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Road 9023

After gaining 1200′ in .75 miles, we reached Road 9023. Judging by the tire marks, there has been recent activities. It’s freezing in the shade even though it’s sunny. Soon, snow showed up past the end of the drivable roadway.

This way to Greenway Mountain
This way to Greenway Mountain

Later I put on snowshoes in continuous snow. Then we hiked under a mile to the Hall Creek Trail fork. Though the path was on the map, I couldn’t find it for some reason. From there, we hiked over one mile to Road 9023-410.

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Upper Basin

By now, walking the road had become tedious. I also didn’t feel like making two long switchbacks to go up on the ridge. So from the junction, we left the roadway and continued through to the top of the basin.

We first went through the snowy talus in the basin. Then we went into the dense forest and scrambled south on icy slopes. It was just steep in a couple of places. Soon, we made it up on the road at 4200′.

Hall Creek Basin north view
Hall Creek Basin north view

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Greenway Mountain Summit

Above the trees, we hiked under half a mile in the precious sunlight to arrive at the top of Greenway Mountain. The northern half of the summit was woodsy. So we were able to dodge the wind gusts there.

Despite having the sun, it was subfreezing because of the wind chill. Like before, we enjoyed the vast scenery to the south and savored the warmth. I could also get partial views in the other directions by peeking through trees.

Southern panoramic view
Southern panoramic view

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Hall Creek Basin didn’t see much sun today. And we would soon lose all of the heat when we went back into the woods. Glad that I decided to bypass the road since it had shaved off quite a bit of distance both ways.

I had thought about exploring Hall Creek Trail. But I still couldn’t find the trail fork on our way down. Later we saw a few folks at the end of the drivable roadway. It sounded like they had come up through Mine Creek. And now for the steep exit.

Greenway Mountain's farewell
Greenway Mountain’s farewell

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