Beezley Hills by Monument Hill via Moses Coulee / 比茲利山丘

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Beezley Hills sits north of Monument Hill outside Beezley Hills Preserve. It’s east of Moses Coulee, where Douglas Creek flows into the Columbia River. Meanwhile, Moses Stool lies to the northwest on Badger Mountain.

Radio tower on Beezley Hills
Radio tower on Beezley Hills

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Beezley Hills at a Glance

Access: Overen Road
Round Trip: 2.5 miles
Elevation Range: 2700′-2899′
Gear: none
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

The Preface

It’s hard to seek unique places when the weather isn’t willing to cooperate. There was a 100% chance of rainfall this weekend, so we resorted to Eastern Washington for a lighter rain. The black pup seemed to appreciate the short and moderate new hike north of Quincy, Washington.

Getting to the starting point was straightforward once we drove past the city. We stayed on Overen Road until the last left turn onto Road P. Then I parked the car outside the fence and went east at 2700′ on the crest. The muddy old road had pockets of standing water, but easy to bypass by walking the edges.

Moses Coulee Preserve to the south
Moses Coulee Preserve to the south

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Beezley Hills Summit Plus Exit

Before long, the lonely radio tower on top appeared. We walked toward it before stopping by the fence for a late lunch. It was possibly the shortest hike, as we were only 1.25 miles from the car. But I was glad the back pup could join us on his first outing since Index Creek Trail last October.

It was gusty on top, but no rain the entire time we were out. We dodged the wind by the tall shrubs behind the radio tower. We saw the farmland and Beezley Hills Preserve in the south, with Moses Coulee Preserve to the far north. Rain clouds had dimmed west of Moses Coulee to see anything there.

Afterward, we lazied back to the car after an extended stay.

Farm life in Eastern Washington
Farm life in Eastern Washington

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