2013/10/12 – Long Mountain / 長山

Kodak moment on Long Mountain
Kodak moment on Long Mountain

Photos from this trip can be found here.

This was one of those mountains that we’d visit once and call it good. For a scramble that’s a little over 5000 feet, it felt like an all-day ordeal.

The best part about the scramble was that it was direct, once I found the right place to ascend that is. 🙂 The worst part was getting through all the brush, stingy nettle, and the slide alder in the lower elevation. It would have been nice to have snow coverage to avoid all of the above.

The gully where the the snow finger would have been was just a talus slope at this time, with lots of good hand and foot holds to get through the summit block. One section of class 4 move to get the dogs up to the ridge, followed by a short final scramble to the summit.

Summit was socked in during most of our stay. No views of nearby peaks, just the occasional glimpse of Mountain Loop Highway straight down the south side. Weather forecast was iffy, so I was mentally prepared not to see anything up top. Oh well, next time!

Access: Marten Creek Trailhead
Gear: helmet

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