2013/2/2 – Anaconda Peak / 大蟒蛇峯

Kodak moment on Anaconda Peak
Kodak moment on Anaconda Peak

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Whew, what a long day! Snow conditions weren’t ideal today especially after the weather had recently warmed up.

The road was a mixture of snow and slush, anywhere between 6 to 12 inches. Road washouts in places and it required some careful detouring to get down into the gully from one side and back up from the other. The area didn’t look to have gotten much use judging from the amount of brush and overgrown.

We got off the road and went up the slope aiming for Gordon Ridge somewhere around mile 2.5, right before the next road washout. Snow conditions weren’t any better on the steep slope, in fact, they were definitely worse than the road. We needed to negotiate lots of blowdowns in the first 500 feet or so, with deeper and looser snow added to the mix.

We only needed to be on the ridge for a short while before making the final 800 feet of steep(er) ascent mostly in trees. Snow was somewhat packed on the ridge, but just as everywhere else it soon turned deep and loose. In some places I postholed up to my thigh, the dogs followed closely behind stepping in my tracks.

All of us were pretty tired after getting onto the summit. But as I looked around surveying the peaks on this gorgeous day, I was once again reminded of how rewarding all of it was. Snowshoes were used after the first switchback on the road and for the remainder of the trip.

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