Anaconda Peak on Gordon Ridge / 戈登脊上的大蟒蛇峯

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What a long day it was climbing Anaconda Peak! With a mid-morning start plus terrible snow conditions, we reached the up one hour before sunset. The recent warm weather had also contributed to the slush.

Kodak moment on Anaconda Peak
Kodak moment on Anaconda Peak

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Anaconda Peak at a Glance

Access: NF-4037
Round Trip: TBD
Elevation Range: 1280′-5050′
Gear: snowshoes
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: with guidance

Road 4037

Road 4037 by the red bridge had a mixture of fresh snow and slush. It was only about 6 to 12 inches. But it already wasn’t enjoyable. Soon, at the half-mile mark, we made a right onto Road 4038. Then I put on snowshoes at the first road bend.

Along the way were several washouts. So we carefully bypassed them by going into and out of minor gullies. There was also a massive amount of brush on the road. So it became clear that the area hasn’t gotten much use.

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The South Route

Later we left the road past the second gully at mile 2.5. It was right before the next washout. From there, we went straight up the southern slopes and aimed for Gordon Ridge. Then for the next 1700′, we would be in the dense forest without views.

Snow conditions didn’t improve on the steep slopes. In fact, they were in worse shape than the road. We bypassed most down trees in the first 500′ after leaving the roadway. At the same time, we went through lots of deep powder.

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Gordon Ridge

We would later reach the west ridge by the base of the peak. Then we traversed the ridgeline on packed snow briefly and proceeded to tackle the final 800′. The climbing there felt even steeper, with lots of krummholz added to the mix.

Snow conditions continued to be hit-or-miss. We would be on firm snow for a few feet, and then the deep powder quickly followed. I would also sink to my thigh in many places. The pups followed behind closely. So they could make use of my every step.

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Anaconda Peak Summit

All of us were very tired when we made it up onto the summit. By then, we only had one before the sun would leave us. So I quickly settled in and photographed the amazing views. We couldn’t see anything in the forest at all!

There were so many peaks to name. But I wish we had more time to savor the landscape. There were the nearby Long Mountain and Marble Peak that we have yet to climb. Plus, spectacular views of peaks like Glacier Peak and Mount Pugh were in the far east.

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What a gorgeous day with vibrant colors near the end. I looked around at the beautiful peaks, still in amazement. They once again reminded me of the rewards that came with the huffing and puffing.

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