2014/5/30 – Wildcat Lakes / 山貓湖羣

Upper Wildcat Lake with Caroline Peak
Upper Wildcat Lake with Caroline Peak

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Wildcat Lakes = Upper Wildcat Lake + Lower Wildcat Lake

Excellent snow coverage made getting to Gem Lake byway of Snow Lake a breeze. Summer trail around the north shore and down Wright Mountain‘s west face was still under heavy snow, so crossing the outlet and descending via the wide gully between the lake and Mount Roosevelt made for better time and efficiency.

Upon reaching the frozen Upper Wildcat Lake, we followed beta from a trip report and climbed up the steep, timbered ridge east of the lake. We passed Point 4842, but cornices and cliffs prevented us from negotiating Point 5315. We retreated after a long break on the saddle between the two points.

A short stop down by Lower Wildcat Lake, then we climbed back up to Gem Lake and down to Snow Lake Basin and hiked out.

Gear: snowshoe, ice axe

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