2014/6/11 – Argonaut Peak / 阿格納特峯

Today's objective
Today’s objective

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Opening climb of the season with great weather! Knowing it’d be a long day ahead, I started bright and early hiking on the Beverly Turnpike Trail. The only downside to the south approach was descending to Ingalls Creek on Fourth Creek Trail, meant the need to ascend back to the pass on the way out.

I read about the horrible slide alder section at the base of the south gully but was unsuccessful in avoiding it. Forty-five minutes swimming through brush felt like an eternity, with lots of cursing of course. The wide south gully was obvious to spot, and before long, I was at the starting of the steep snow section.

South gully
South gully

My only regret was not to have packed the crampons, which were very much-needed for the south gully ascent. I carefully made my way up through shallow moats to keep from sliding down on hard snow/ice. A section below the ridge required a couple of 4th class moves, the extent of the overall technicality to climb this peak.

Final scramble to summit required moving through vertical gap under slanted giant boulders on the summit block. Some boot tracks from the recent climbing group were spotted in the snow.

Second tallest non-volcanic peak in Washington State
Second tallest non-volcanic peak in Washington State

Great views into Teanaway Backcountry and the Stuart Range from east to west. After a one-hour scenic summit stay, I slowly made my way down to Ingalls Creek, back up to the pass, and hiked out.

Access: Beverly Turnpike Trailhead > Fourth Creek Trail
Gear: helmet

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