2013/2/3 – The Eaglet / 小鷹峯

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Kodak moment on The Eaglet
Kodak moment on The Eaglet

Photos from this trip can be found here.

The Eaglet was on my list for a short day scramble or when the weather isn’t too ideal. The scramble shares the Heather Lake trail for approximately .5 mile.

After the second major switchback, approximately .5 mile into the hike, the standard trail continued to the right and wrapped around to west of the northwest ridge to Heather Lake. Instead, I followed what looked to be scramble tracks to the left and attained the ridge that way. The crux of the scramble was attaining the ridge at the right place so I wouldn’t get stuck under a cliff or an overhang.

Semi-consolidated snow around 3,000′ and postholing was very likely. Powdered snow once the terrain got steeper around 3,400’ and the ridge seemed to be closing in the higher I went. It looked as though with one slip, one could easily roll down the slope on either side. Flat summit with plenty of space to stretch and walk around while admiring the nearby views on a clear day.

Snowshoes were used shortly leaving the standard trail all the way to the summit.

Access: Heather Lake Trailhead
Gear: snowshoes

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