2013/2/8 – Red Mountain 5880 / 紅山5880

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Kodak moment on Red Mountain 5880

Photos from this trip can be found here.

NOTE: Red Mountain in Salmon La Sac. For Red Mountain by Snoqualmie Pass in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, check out these posts.

There are a few Red Mountains in the area, but not all of them share an equal amount of popularity. The Red Mountain by Snoqualmie Pass seems to be the well-known one among most hikers. For this lesser-known one, people tend to follow summer trail to the lookout when most snow is absent. The lookout area is lower than the true summit by 158 feet.

Consolidated snow from the road to lower part of the slope, around 3,000’. A mixture of deep powder and ice between 3,400 and 4,800’, then back to consolidated snow to around 5,400’. From that point on to the summit the snow was knee deep, not to bad because it was dry. It was much easier to traverse across than heading straight up woodsy area between the two summits.

We made south summit our final destination as it was slightly higher than the north. Overall, the views were awesome, except it was starting to get cloudy in the south and Rainier and some nearby peaks weren’t visible.

Snowshoes were used from around 2,800’ all the way to the summit.

Access: NF-46
Gear: ice axe, snowshoes

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