2013/10/5 – Snoqualmie Mountain III / 史諾夸米山之三

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Kodak moment on Snoqualmie Mountain
Kodak moment on Snoqualmie Mountain

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Our third time up the mountain. Actually, the third time for black pup and me and the second time for the yellow pup.

It was hard to tell how much there was from the parking lot or from driving on the freeway. I figured it couldn’t have been more than a foot or so at the top, so I left my snowshoes in the car.

We ran into a group of seven or so hikers by the waterfall and two at the bottom of the steep slope below the summit and both were turning around in fearing of the amount of snow further up. I followed someone else’s tracks halfway up the slope an then the tracks disappeared. They were probably from one of the two hikers we saw down below.

The dogs and I continued on and broke trail all the way to the summit. There were about two feet of the snow at the most, but it was sunny so I was more than inspired to make it to the top.

Gorgeous views as always. What a glorious way to welcome in the month of October.

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