2013/9/29 – Priest Rapids Wildlife Area / 祭司急流野生動物區

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Kodak moment at Priest Rapids Wildlife Area
Kodak moment at Priest Rapids Wildlife Area

Two bad weather weekends in a row, but that’s somewhat expected at this time of the year. The dogs and I left the city fairly late and once again found ourselves on the other side of the Cascades.

Um…no one mentioned anything about a stream crossing to the west side of the wildlife area. It took me about 10 minutes to find a good spot to cross, but glad it was only knee deep.

This turned out to be more of a walk than a hike. I haven’t downloaded my GPS track but we didn’t walk very long to get to the Columbia River shore. No wildlife was to be seen during our stay and it was eerily quiet until we heard the river flowing. There appeared to have been a storm coming our way, so the dogs and I spent just enough time to eat and take photos before returning to the car.

Absolutely save this one for a rainy day, unless of course you enjoy the drive to Eastern Washington as much as I do. I’m not kidding about the driving part. 😉

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