2012/5/13 – Preacher Mountain / 牧師山

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Today was the day to do an epic hike in the Central Cascade area. I’ve had my eyes set on Preacher Mountain for a couple of weeks now, but was waiting for the perfect day to go and today was it. I managed to get two coworkers who haven’t hiked in a while to come with me.

Only one other car in the lot when we got to the trailhead just before 7:30 AM. After crossing the Middle Fork bridge we discovered that there was trail blasting working being done on the trail. Apparently no one wanted to work on a Sunday, so we sneakily walked around the machinery to get to the hikers’ path just past the creek.

We brought snowshoes but didn’t need them to get to the lake. After a brief lunch break, my two friends decided to call it a day and returned to the car as I continued onto the ridge to the summit. Snowshoes were very much needed from the ridge all the way to the summit. Some parts were slushy and some parts were steep, and the snowshoes did the trick.

The summit looked as though it was full of cornices, a thick layer of snow sitting directly on top of the summit rocks. Had there been cornices, I would not have been able to get the awesome panoramic views I had hoped for. After spending forty-five minutes on top and got enough photos and a free tan, I set off for the long hike back to the car.

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