2011/7/20 – Red Top Lookout / 紅頂瞭望塔

Kodak moment on Red Top Lookout
Kodak moment on Red Top Lookout

Photos from this trip can be found here.

I had long been wanting to check out this lookout tower. But because of it’s relatively short two-mile round-trip distance, it’s been sitting on the back burner. Let’s be real. Driving all the way out to Blewitt Pass and spending seven miles on the service road to get to trailhead for a short, two-mile hike was simply not worth it. It needed to be combined with something else in the area to make it worthwhile. Since we had some time left after hiking Diamond Head, we picked up the hike on our way back to Seattle.

The drive to the trailhead was somewhat rough, but nothing compared some of the ones in Salmon La Sac and/or Teanaway area. There was one spot with a sink hole, but easy to get around and keep moving forward. The tower was visible not long after hiking past the trailhead, before we knew it we were up by the tower.

Beautiful views all around, although extremely windy. Dogs’ ears were flying (as seen in my video clip) if that gave any indication of how windy it was. We quickly took some pictures and headed back to the car.

Access: NF-9738
Gear: none

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