Paradise Valley Conservation Area by Lord Hill Regional Park / 天堂谷

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Paradise Valley Conservation Area sits near Lord Hill Regional Park in Maltby, Washington. The area spans above the plateau west of Paradise Valley and Paradise Lake. Meanwhile, Woodinville City High Point lies near the southwest.

A zen moment in Paradise Valley Conservation Area
A Zen moment in the conservation area

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Paradise Valley Conservation Area at a Glance

Access: Paradise Lake Trailhead (park info)
Round Trip: 9 miles
Elevation Range: 360′-440′
Gear: none
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes
Playlist: Ooyy

The Conservation Area

The area was once a private tree farm when the Lloyd family allowed recreation. But that was until Snohomish County acquired the 667-acre land in 2000, closing it for public use. It quickly turned into a conservation area afterward.

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance soon contested through public meetings and direct contact with the county. As a result, the area was again open to the public on Earth Day 2009. It now offers 25 mixed-use trails totaling 12 miles.

Spring has sprung
Spring has sprung

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Walking Through the Maze

Despite the rain, many people were out and about past 8 AM. I went south on the plateau trail with plant signs and much red alder. As I walked past tall salal over mud and water puddles, the weather improved to drizzles.

The outer loop hugged the boundary and crossed many inner paths. Glad to see signs at every fork. Otherwise, the maze-like trails would be a problem without the map. Meanwhile, the lettered signposts didn’t make much sense.

Gypsy coming through
Gypsy coming through

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Exiting Paradise Valley Conservation Area

The loop sometimes went by private homes. Seeing things kept in the yards was too close for comfort. Before noon, the sun looked like it’d come out, then the drizzles returned. Apart from croaking frogs, there were no signs of wildlife.

I met a 10-year-old dog, Gypsy, and her owner before reaching the northeast. Then I went on “Lloyd Detour,” a track that took incredibly dizzying tight corners. Before long, I was back at the lot with the same number of cars.

Leaving Paradise Valley Conservation Area
Leaving Paradise Valley Conservation Area

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