Danville-Georgetown Open Space + Rock Creek Natural Area / 丹維爾空地

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Danville-Georgetown Open Space by Rock Creek Natural Area sits between Maple Valley and Ravensdale. Henry’s Ridge Open Space lies to the near south. Meanehile, Cedar River to the north flows from Meadow Mountain 26 miles to the east.

Welcome to Danville-Georgetown Open Space
Welcome to Danville-Georgetown Open Space

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Danville-Georgetown Open Space at a Glance

Access: Summit-Landsburg Road (PDF map)
Round Trip: 5.2 miles
Elevation Range: 480′-800′
Gear: none
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

Through the Open Space

I didn’t know many “open spaces” were in the Green River Valley until I visited Henry’s Ridge. Like those, there are many trails here to create various routes. So I mapped out a large loop beforehand to maximize the trip.

It could be the rain, but it was eerily quiet without seeing others around. Despite having the road nearby, I didn’t hear much noise in the trees. The open space mainly had forest views and wasn’t too eventful overall.

Ridgetop at 800' altitude
Ridgetop at 800′ altitude

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Ridge Loop and Back

I took the muddy Ridge Loop and, at one point, went outside the border. Since trail signs were everywhere, I thought others also did the same. Soon, I walked through the significantly pruned ridgetop over the open terrain.

I went through a short stretch of clearcut by Landsburg Mine with a view of Henry’s Ridge. Then the loop trail took me back inside the open space. Before long, I took the service road and returned to the parking area.

Henry's Ridge from Danville-Georgetown Open Space
Henry’s Ridge from Danville-Georgetown Open Space

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Cedar River Pipeline Road and Back

It was still early, so I added two miles through Rock Creek Natural Area to burn more calories. The many trail forks along Putnam Loop had me checking the map constantly. But soon, I was walking east through the pipeline road.

It was nice and quiet walking above the neighborhood. Right before diving back into the trees, I saw the first person today with their dog. Then I went uphill through several more forks and ended the loop by the trailhead.

Cedar Creek Pipeline Road
Cedar Creek Pipeline Road

See more trip photos here.

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