Soaring Eagle Regional Park via Hazel Wolf Wetlands / 衝天鷹

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Soaring Eagle Regional Park connects to Hazel Wolf Wetlands via Beaver Lake Preserve. It covers the east edge of the Sammamish Plateau near Snoqualmie River. Meanwhile, Tolt Hill in Tolt McDonald Park sits to the near northeast.

Hazel Wolf Wetlands Preserve south view
Hazel Wolf Wetlands Preserve south view

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Soaring Eagle Regional Park at a Glance

Access: Windsor Boulevard (park info)
Round Trip: 13 miles
Elevation Range: 360′-600′
Gear: none
Route Info: Eric Jain
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

Hazel Wolf Wetlands Preserve

Drawing inspiration from Eric‘s 2021 outing, I mapped out a 13-mile loop. The flat hike began from Hazel Wolf Wetlands Preserve and ended through Beaver Lake Preserve. But Soaring Eagle took up most of my time with eight miles.

The wetlands 1.7-mile loop offered water views at every turn. Meanwhile, the walkway in the north showcased the most waterfowl. The southeast path took me into Beaver Lake Preserve, where I saw two runners and a dog walker.

Through Soaring Eagle Regional Park
Through the regional park

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Through the Web of Trails

A quick stroll through the modest Steven and Rosina Kipper Preserve soon put me inside the regional park. I headed north on the outer mixed-use trails and passed the golf course. Tiny streams and the occasional birds made up the sounds en route.

There was a detailed map at nearly every trail fork to guide the way. So despite the area’s enormity, it was impossible to lose my way. I hopped onto the inner paths from the southeast and then went counterclockwise.

The Plateau Club by Soaring Eagle Regional Park
The Plateau Club by Soaring Eagle Regional Park

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Leaving Soaring Eagle Regional Park

It had been raining since 9 o’clock. But that didn’t deter folks from seeking peace in an otherwise would-be busy place. Several more people entered near the end of my loop before I returned to Beaver Lake Preserve.

Not knowing when I’d come again, I checked out Beaver Lake. I was happy not to find houses on this side of the serene water. Shortly, the sun came out for 20 minutes as I took the trail back through Hazel Wolf Wetlands.

Leaving Issaquah High Point
Upper Beaver Lake

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