Platts Lookout by Cherry Creek Falls in Marckworth State Forest / 普拉茨瞭望處

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Platts Lookout by Cherry Creek Falls overlooks Stossel Creek in Marckworth State Forest. Despite being a former fire lookout, the dense growth has long seized the views it once boasted. Meanwhile, Hill 1125 lies three miles to the south by Moss Lake Natural Area.

Platts Lookout in Marckworth State Park

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Platts Lookout + Hill 1125 at a Glance

Access: Stossel Creek Road
Round Trip: 5.3 miles
Elevation Range: 560′-1125′
Gear: none
Route Info: Scott Rice
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes
Driving Music: Urban

Stossel Creek Road

Until our visit two weeks ago, I didn’t know a state forest was even here. Being close to home, we returned to explore two more hills and avoid the post-2 PM rain. Both places were short in length to please the senior dog.

Instead of continuing on Kelly Road at the fork to Cherry Creek Falls, we veered right. Immediately, the road was damp, with crushed gravel to stabilize the mud. The section along Stossel Creek was dry but with many potholes.

The final stretch
The final stretch

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Platts Lookout

It was under two miles from the DNR gate to the road’s end. Then another 500′ on a faded path with light brush led us to the mossy summit. The blackberry bushes en route weren’t horrible, mainly ferns and salal below the top.

Sadly, the former lookout has seen its heyday and didn’t live up to its name. But we hung out while I scouted the forest for views. A small opening below the east showed Ten-Four Mountain, Mount Pilchuck, and even Three Fingers.

Mount Pilchuck from Platts Lookout
Mount Pilchuck from Platts Lookout

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Hill 1125 Plus Exit

Back at the gate, we backtracked three miles to the four-way at Swan Mill Road. Then it was under a mile walk to the bend at 1000′, where we left the path. En route, two bikers caught up and soon continued over the ridge.

The bend had too tall of foliage to see into the vast valley. Like Platts Lookout, a 500′ scramble on a faint trail soon led us to the wooded top. Without vistas, we stayed briefly before leaving to return to the gate.

Finding our way home
Finding our way home

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