2017/8/26 – Freezeout Slam + Clark Peak / 凍結滿貫+克拉克峯

Breakfast at Tifanny's
Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Freezeout Slam = Tiffany Mountain + Middle Tiffany Mountain + Rock Mountain 7971

Road to Conrad Meadows had been gated at the NF-750/South Fork Tieton Road junction, seven miles before the trailhead. Without a sound backup plans, we spent another six hours on the road to what was supposed to be day two’s destination east of Pasayten Wilderness. At 1:30 AM we pulled off to the side of Highway 97 and slept, then at 5 AM we were back at it again after alarm sounded off.

At 8 AM we finally passed through Winthrop and continued onto NF-37. Road conditions were generally good, a little bumpy before the pass but passable in a low-clearance vehicle. We arrived at the Tiffany Mountain Trailhead past 9 AM and immediately headed for Whistler Pass. At the pass we got onto the North Summit Trail and hiked southward toward Clark Peak.

The other three objectives
The other three objectives

Photos from this trip can be found here.

True summit wasn’t visible until the east ridge. A notch on the ridge required us to drop down and negotiate from the south. Then a short scramble through boulders (or scree in lower parts) put us on the summit right after. This summit was a great vantage point to see our three other objectives sitting side by side. West of Eightmile Creek drainage looked to have been overtaken by smoke from the Diamond Creek Fire that started a month ago.

Back on Whistler Pass, we hiked north on North Summit Trail to Honeymoon Pass. The 7,300′ junction with Tiffany Lake Trail had been marked 200′ higher on the USGS map and caused a bit of confusion. We ended up scrambling down to North Fork Salmon Creek Basin and connected with Tiffany Lake Trail amid the old burn. The creek was our first water source since leaving the car; the area had been terribly dry.

Rock Mountaoin summit ahead
Rock Mountain summit ahead

Photos from this trip can be found here.

From Honeymoon Pass, we hiked north in a straight line to Rock Mountain 7919 summit marked by a radio facility. Here I got a clearer look at the large quantity of wildfire smoke spewing from western horizon. Another great vantage point to see the other three objectives. By now, the wind had picked up significantly, and we left right after a quick bite and some photos. Middle Tiffany Mountain next door took a short time to summit via the 7,500′ saddle.

This summit had similar views as Rock Mountain but at a slightly different angle. Pup and I didn’t stay long here either, as we still needed to get to Tiffany Mountain before day’s end. Gurgling croak of Ravens echoed through the basins as we descended the gentle south slopes. I had contemplated scrambling up the mountain’s northwest saddle for a direct ascent, but realized we needed water and scratched the idea.

Panoramic view of Rock and Middle Tiffany
Panoramic view of Rock and Middle Tiffany

Photos from this trip can be found here.

After dropping back down to North Fork Salmon Creek Basin for water, we returned to Whistler Pass via the North Summit Trail. At the pass, we followed what appeared to be a faint hikers path that hugged the southeast ridge to the top. Another broad summit with all around views, strewn with boulders and sand piles. Evening light shone gorgeously on Rock and Middle Tiffany Mountains, as we enjoyed the views and watched the sun go down.

Hard to believe the equinox is only less than a month away! Already missing my nine o’clock sunsets…


Photos from this trip can be found here.

Access: Tiffany Mountain Trailhead
Gear: helmet

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