2017/7/4 – Hall Peak / 霍爾峯

Happy Fourth of July! Several parties mentioned in their reports that this peak had since been added to their “do not repeat” list; I couldn’t agree more.

2017/7/1-2 – Shelokum Slam / 雪洛庫姆滿貫

Photos from this trip can be found here. Shelokum Slam = Shelokum Mountain + Lamont Mountain (aka Wolfhead) 雪洛庫姆滿貫 = 雪洛庫姆山+拉蒙特山 (綽號狼頭) Coincidentally, the late afternoon start time was the same as our first trip six years ago when pups and I climbed Gardner Mountains. I specifically remembered the mostly uneventful approach, until a couple…