2017/4/29 – Frenchman Coulee VII / 法蘭區深谷之七

Parking area
Old Vantage Highway parking area

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Back again in less than three months since pups and my last visit. In need of a refresher, I signed up to help instruct Mountaineers rock field trip. Instructors spent most of the day observing students and seeing them get the number of lead climbs needed to graduate from the course.

Light morning breeze turned somewhat gusty before noon when clouds slowly crept into the area and brought down the temperature. When 5 o’clock rolled around it became calm again. After the field trip, I took advantage of longer daylight and squeezed in a hike in the north basin.

From the gate I hiked northwestward to edge of cliffs north side of a dry creek bed overlooking Columbia River. Then I turned around and walked eastward along north basalt rim until my turnaround point before the waterfall. Two hawks swirled overhead and called out incessantly until the minute I turned around. Territorial much?

Wildflowers in full bloom, strewed mostly across hillside west of the rim.

Gear: none

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