2016/10/29 – Sentinel Mountain II / 哨兵山之二

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North slopes of Sentinel Mountain
North slopes of Sentinel Mountain

All photos from this trip can be found here.

One of the several attempts in search of sunshine this fall, and we found it on this mountain! Our first visit here three springs ago was sunny and warm. Views were more expansive and flowers were were blooming, but certainly lacked the cozy mood of fall.

Pups and I more or less followed the same route as before, parked just due east of the radio facility at top of the hill, where the long Road R SW took a turn heading east. From the car, we walked along the edge above north slopes eastward toward the radio facility at the highest point on the mountain. A great opportunity to view Crab Creek Wildlife Area stretched out for miles on north side of Sentinel.

At the radio tower we made a pit stop, then continued eastward, and dropped down to the flat area not far northeast of the tower. This depression provided a wonderful view of north slopes continuing on down east ridge. We walked farther east until we reached the fence and had to get back up on the ridge. Terrain on other side of the fence looked so inviting and even more impressive, oh hail to private land…

Walking alongside the fence was rather eventful, so we turned around and took the dirt road back toward the radio tower. There we briefly chatted with three dirt bikers who were helping some campers look for their lost dog. Afterward we retraced our tracks, hiked past the lower tower facility, and stopped on western edge of the mountain to check out the views.

Great views of Columbia River, bridges, town of Beverly, as well as continuation of Saddle Mountains on other side of the river.

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