Gothic Peak + Del Campo Peak / 歌特峯+坎波峯

Gothic Basin panoramic view
Gothic Basin panoramic view

After taking the dogs up Bryant and Hemlock Peaks yesterday, today I needed a little “me” time.

Gothic and Del Campo have long been on my list but I hadn’t been able to get to them up until now. June was definitely a good time to climb these peaks, as the slopes were still covered in snow and I didn’t have to deal with scree or talus. The snow was packed down to traverse without the aid of snowshoes.

Both peaks should be easy class 3 scrambles if finding the right route. Class 4 scramble routes are possible if you’re up for for more challenging scrambles. Either way, wearing a helmet is highly advised.

Scrambling up Del Campo felt more exposed and I think I might have gone up the class 4 route directly above the notch. On the way down I discovered an easier route to down climb, which was about 20 feet below the notch.

I knew the views would be great atop the peaks from all the photos I’ve seen so far. Del Campo got better views since it sits about 400 feet higher than Gothic.

Oh yes, Gothic Basin was just as beautiful as I had pictured this whole time! The view of both peaks backing Foggy Lake alone already made the approach worthwhile.

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