Bryant Peak + Hemlock Peak via Denny Creek + Hemlock Pass / 布賴恩特峯

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Bryant Peak and Hemlock Peak are two high points on the long ridgeline above Denny Creek. Both peaks are merely a stone’s throw away from the classic climb–The Tooth. The closeness of the two makes for an ideal day trip.

Kodak moment on Bryant Peak
Kodak moment on Bryant Peak

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Bryant Peak and Hemlock Peak at a Glance

Access: Denny Creek Trailhead
Round Trip: 10.8 miles
Elevation Range: 2280′-5801′
Gear: microspikes, snowshoes, ice ax
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: on the trail

In Summary

Today we continued our quest to climb the high points from Denny Mountain to Chair Peak. Bryant Peak had an impressive sight of Kaleetan Peak and Chair Peak to the north. In contrast, Hemlock Peak had a more distinct view of the southern peaks.

From the first summit, Hemlock Peak looked farther until we made our way over. From the basin, scrambling up to the top of Hemlock Peak took only 20 minutes. But the peak didn’t have as much sitting room.

See more trip photos here.

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