Spring Mountain via Lost Creek Ridge Trail + Bingley Gap / 春山

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Spring Mountain rises above Bingley Gap and the two forks of Sauk River. It sits at the bend from Mount Pugh to Lost Creek Ridge. Meanwhile, at the mountain’s west foothills lies the old trading post of Bedal.

Spring Mountain summit ahead
Spring Mountain summit ahead

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Spring Mountain at a Glance

Access: Lost Creek Ridge Trailhead
Round Trip: 7.5 miles
Elevation Range: 1850′-5770′
Gear: helmet
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: with guidance

Lost Creek Ridge Trail

Road 49 off Mountain Loop Highway was quite muddy at the beginning. Lots of potholes strewed the roadway, but none posed any concerns. Then in the late morning, the pup and I reached the trailhead to three parked cars.

The last time I was here, I climbed Breccia Peak on Lost Creek Ridge with Dave in the snow. But this time, the Lost Creek Ridge Trail was free of any. So it took a shorter time to reach Bingley Gap, where we took a short break.

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East Ridge Traverse

The pup and I turned left onto the steep east ridge from the gap. Then we followed what looked like an animal trail to continue. It was at most class 3 to upper class 3, depending on where we were on the ridgeline.

High up on the ridge, we needed to bypass the first group of outcrops from the north. So we could avoid the cliffs on the south side. But for the most part, we could stay on the crest despite the rocky terrain.

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Rocky Terrain on Spring Mountain

Soon, the second set of outcrops stopped us in our tracks as I studied the terrain. After thinking, the only feasible way looked to be going down a steep, narrow gully on the north. But climbing the wet, mossy slabs had us on edge.

But luckily, I was able to belay using the small trees en route. Then I needed to squeeze through them before I could return to the ridge. The pup seemed to handle the exposure quite well and charged straight ahead.

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The Final Stretch

Later we went through three small talus fields separated by trees. Past the last rock field was the snow line. Glad I had my ice ax for the 200′ of steep snow before the terrain flattened.

Below the top, we bypassed the rocky crest from the east. Then we made our way back onto the ridge, where it was suddenly snow-free. A short scramble soon put us on the summit.

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Spring Mountain Summit Plus Exit

This summit was a perfect spot to view the dramatic landscape nearby. The main attractions were Mount Pugh, Breccia Peak, Glacier Peak, Bedal Peak, and Sloan Peak. But we were in the clouds during our entire visit.

Despite the gloomy forecast, I was glad that it never rained. We waited an hour and a half for the mist to dissipate, but it didn’t happen. Returning to the gap took a fraction of the time, and the cruxes were much more manageable in reverse.

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