2013/2/16 – Umtanum Creek Canyon / 恩達濃溪峽谷

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Kodak moment on Umtanum Creek Canyon
Kodak moment on Umtanum Creek Canyon

Another rainy day in the Cascades so we hiked in Eastern Washington. We got to the trailhead pretty late so there were already quite a few cars in the lot. Some people were  fishing, some were having a good ol’ time car camping, the rest were people taking short walks along the canyon.

On the other side of the suspension bridge we saw a group walking into the canyon with alcohol and bags of goodies in hand. Rather than crashing their party, I decided to head up the slopes immediately to find peace and quiet somewhere else.

Most of our time was spent traversing westerly on Umtanum Ridge checking out the views. Sunny but windy, with occasional clouds hanging overhead. On the way back we traversed northerly down into the canyon and hiked back out to the parking lot.

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